Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Distance Photos

These distance Photos are all about taking close up pictures & far away pictures of the same object. This Photo is not the intreasting of photos but it shows a good example.

Here is a close up shot of the hedge this picture is just to show the hedge & nothing else I found a spot in the hedge where I had some green Leaves & some brown twigs, which makes the picture look different but it is the same picture.

This photo is a bit more further away & I have tried not to include the sky in this photo as it makes the object its self stand out I feel that having the photo taken on a bit of an angle means that the photo has some life & doesn't look to overpowering as you can only see a bit of brick work, & at the bottom o e photo you can see a bit of yard & a bit of grass.

This Photo is a bit further away from the hedge it is a bit on an angle as I wanted to make it a bit different to the rest of the photos, I find it great as the sky changes colour in just a few seconds making the photo look like it was taken at a different time of day.

Here we are looking down the pathway, I have taken the picture by showing the wall & netball court on each side I am happy with the sky being the colour it is as this makes the photo look dark & gloomy with some we patches on the ground.

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