Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Distance Photos

These distance Photos are all about taking close up pictures & far away pictures of the same object. This Photo is not the intreasting of photos but it shows a good example.

Here is a close up shot of the hedge this picture is just to show the hedge & nothing else I found a spot in the hedge where I had some green Leaves & some brown twigs, which makes the picture look different but it is the same picture.

This photo is a bit more further away & I have tried not to include the sky in this photo as it makes the object its self stand out I feel that having the photo taken on a bit of an angle means that the photo has some life & doesn't look to overpowering as you can only see a bit of brick work, & at the bottom o e photo you can see a bit of yard & a bit of grass.

This Photo is a bit further away from the hedge it is a bit on an angle as I wanted to make it a bit different to the rest of the photos, I find it great as the sky changes colour in just a few seconds making the photo look like it was taken at a different time of day.

Here we are looking down the pathway, I have taken the picture by showing the wall & netball court on each side I am happy with the sky being the colour it is as this makes the photo look dark & gloomy with some we patches on the ground.

Distance Photos

This Picture is of a wall another selection of pictures showing the distance of close up & far away shots. This is a far away shot taken on an angle to make it look different.

This photo Is a close up photo of the wall you can see this by the bricks looking really big, I have also taken this photo on a bit of an angle as it makes the wall just look a bit different as if I had the photo just straight on the wall would look very bland. 

This is a bit further away as you can see the bricks look very small I like the power the photo brings out as a patten & gives you the feel of being there & seeing the actual object.

This is a very far away photo of the wall as the bricks look so tiny but the great thing is that the detail is still there as you can see all the lines on the bricks & the colour is really bright & clear.

Distance Photos