Thursday, 19 November 2009


I have used the Nikon Flash Gun.
This Is all about playing around with the different flashes & using different colours coming in through the different corners such as on this I have used Green & Red & on the red side I have a shadow just reflecting in which makes the flower stand out I think that the colours work really well as they are suited you have the green as a colour of nature & red is like a warm colour & a Flower, They have both also come out in like a transparent shade.


This Photo was taken using the Flash Gun, On this photo I haven't used the colours so you can see the colour that the pallet of Paint was supposed to be I feel that the quality of the photo is lacking but I haven't really used the Flash Guns much so that will show.

This Photo was taken with a red sheet & on the other flash Gun I didn't have a colour sheet on I think that the red makes the Pallet look really powerful & strong making a great photo. I really liked the paint on the pallet as you had an art feel showing a creative side to the photo, & as they were so mucky the flash gun made it look really good.

This photo is really nice taken with the Nikon D6o & 2 flash guns we also have a red & a green colour placed on the Flash Guns making as you see a red on the left side & a green on the right, The red looks a lot more powerful & seams to take over the green flash showing that I hadn't gone the flash in the right sort of position to make it even out.

This Photo has the red & Blue on the Flash Gun I feel that these two colours are great & they blend together really well & I was really pleased with the result I love how the colour has fallen as in the middle they meet & blend together, With right in the middle of the photo a very transparent light shade & some parts have come out in dark shades like near by the Paintbrush, I just feel that this photo has come out really well & I am pleased with it.

I like this photo I have taken the Photo so it shows the paint pallet on a bit of an angle as on the side on the left the blue side the pallet looks to be more above th side on the right with the red colour. On the blue side we have that the flash gun has created like a shadow & in the top corner I have a bit of a purple colour as red & blue together have created purple.

This Photo shows the shadow on the red side & we have the purple at the top made by the red & Blue there can also be seen a bit of a shadow on the blue side on the left right next to the pallet.

This Photo was a bit bright so I have improved it which you can see from the photos above so I have moved the Flash Guns around so they don't look so bright.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nikon D60 28 mm Lens

28 mm
The Rain makes this photo look a bit like a cartoon photo like it has been painted which adds a really nice effect to the photo as it doesn't look like a normal photo.

Nikon D60 18-105 mm Lens

105 mm
You can see I took this photo on the larger lens as the tiles are bigger & fill the photo. You can also see how dirty they are showing how well the D60 has picked up on the colour of the tiles.

18 mm
You can tell this photo was taken on the smaller lens as the tiles look smaller & you can see the wall on the other side.

Nikon D60 Fisheye Lens

I like this photo taken with a Fisheye lens it has become very dark around the window which makes the window stand out like a light is shinning in the picture & as it was a day of sunshine & showers you can just see the rainbow glowing its colours in the view, just disappearing through the clouds.

This photo is of the stairs I have taken a few photos of the stairs before but this time I have used the fisheye lens which makes the photo look really good as it distorts a bit, curving the picture out round the edges & making the stairs look really good.

This photo is another version of looking through the window but I don't feel that it looks as good as the colour hasn't come out as good but it still looks really good as this time I have made it so there are more windows in the photo I like how it curves on the window bars distorting the photo, you can also just see the rainbow in the photo as well in the one window. I also think the photo looks really nice with the clouds just disappearing to show blue sky.

This one of the corridor you can see that the photo has blurred a bit making it not as good as the others but it still looks alright as It shows a bit of a different effect.

This Photo of the corridor has also blurred a bit as the light wasn't the best as the corridor was full of light & where I was there was hardily any light.

Nikon D60 55-200 mm Lens

200 mm
This photo looks really nice as we have the tree in a surrounding of dark clouds on a wet day.

200 mm
I took this photo to show that I couldn't use this kind of Photo with this lens but I fell the photo is not to bad.

55 mm
I like this photo with the wall just in the corner of the photo but is has blurred a bit, the school building looks really good so I feel that the blur on the wall actually makes this photo stand out & look different to my other photos.

Nikon D60 Lenses 18-55 mm Lens

55 mm
I like the splurges that you can see on the window making the photo look really nice adds you have a sense of something unusual.

18 mm
This photo looks really nice as you have the raindrops on the window & the photo is taken on the lower set of stairs to the other photo above making the photo look different as you only see the brick wall & the roof.