Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Main Road

This picture was taken when I was coming home from school is is the main road when there was no cars, It is the road just past the Mill I liked the part of there being no cars as this picture looked so different. I am really into bends & you have the bend at the end of the road.


  1. Hello Sammy, I got your comment on my blog and came over and enjoyed browsing your work. There are many bloggers who are interested in photography. Have you seen David Perry's? I hope that link works, if not copy and paste this URL.

    Also, there is Maria Berg in Sweden

    Monochrome Weekly Theme might be of interest to you.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.

  2. Hello Sammy

    I'm really proud that you have become a follower of

    And I'm glad you have found Barbee too. She is one of the most supportive bloggers out there!

    I think she's had a good idea about recommending other sites you might like. I'd like to suggest


    His blog is off the usual bloggers' track - maybe because he is a professional. Hardly anyone leaves comments and he has never once replied to anything I have said - so don't expect feedback. However, I like his style and find his work an inspiration. You might too.

    I appreciate that you are using ordinary life as the basis for your own work. That is something I do too - so I am bound to like it! Most of what I take pictures of is of plants or the coastline . . . so for urban photography, I'd like to recommend


    which is a daily photoblog of . . . well, London! I think Mo's photographs there are brilliant.

    Best wishes with the blog.


  3. I don't know if you saw my comment yesterday, Sammy - it is downpage.
    If you can set your camera to B&W, shot something and post it. I really don't want to remove from the Linky list.
    You have some good images but for mono concentrate on light and dark. Look closely at the selected pics on Mono Weekly - you can learn a lot.
    If I have to remove you, I shall place you name on the Mono(lithic) Blogroll anyway - that way we can keep an eye on you progress.