Thursday, 21 January 2010


When I looked on the web I found a really interesting photographer John Beatty I never used any kind of photos like his but really liked his work so Click here to see why.
A texture photographer is Bruce Montagne I really liked his photography & became really inspired by him so click here to see some of his workThis photo of the window shows a good use of texture as we have the use of a pattern & the stained glass looks like a gradient effect. I liked the blue-green colour as it is pale & a cool colour that makes you tremble as you look at it. I also like how at the bottom of the photo the colour shade is darker than at the top of the photo. You also feel that with glass you schould be able to see through it but the not being able to see through it shows a good effect that made me choose it.

I like this carpet as i shows a kind of pattern that is really nice. I like how it makes you want to touch it. I feel the colour is really nice as it is a pale carm shade of beige. I liked the use of having it filling the whole photo as it keeps to being a pattern.

I love this floor it really shows a good pattern I think the colour shows a sence of power even though it isn't bright like pink, It is just great as the whole photo is like the same colour but the thing is it is all different shades of that colour.

I really like this photo of wood as the lines & the pieces of wood are all going different directions which makes this photo look really crazy & unique. You feel when you look at this photo that you are there not touching it just standing looking at its beauty, which leads to why I had it fill the whole photo a bit like a close up as it makes them look the size they would be to you standing on them so you feel you are there.

I just love this photo of the flowers as they look so dark like you are in space I feel it also shows a good use of a pattern that just makes you look a bit dazed that you want to touch & see if it is real.

I really like this pattern of material it is a really good texture & each bit of material is different & they all look so nicely set out as I saw that the dark ones like the blacks are at the bottom & the other colours on the top this is not how I set them out but how they were in the shop but I thought it shows such a nice shot so I took the Photo.

I love these bricks the colour of them is so unusual that they just look so great I had to take the photo to remind me of what I had seen as this type of texture you don't see everyday.

I really like the texture of shed doors when all the paint is that old that it starts to fall of & all the wood wears away they just look so beautiful a they are something that needs to be thrown away but to me their art something different & amazing.

Bricks always make a good textured photo but the only trouble it thet they are so coman especially in this kind of colour of the house brick.

The texture of this radiator looks so rough as the painting is not perfect & the heat doesn't help either as it just makes it look rougher. But it does show a really good texture that isn't always found. When you look at it you feel like you are rubbing your hands over it.

Carpets make a great textured pattern that is rough to feel as you touch it your hand starts to feel rough & sore which you feel from the power of it. This photo is good in the way as it looks the same size as it would in the real life shown in the photo.

This is a nice textured pattern as it is taken on a angle & it looks smaller & Smaller as it enters the bottom corner of the photo. The colour has come out really well as it is white & the gray dark bits are shown on the one side of the photo.

This texture of the floor has like a glitter effect to it like it is sparkling at the person taken the photo (me) which makes it look to anyone else that is looking at the photo thinking they are taking the photo. I think the colour is really nice being a gray like colour with dark gray dots, which give of the sparkle.

This is a really nice texture as the ground was wet so it showed the texture in the mud & the few stones scatted around helps to show a real life situation to the photo.

Texture of a wet yard looks great as it reminds you of wet paint, You are put into actin with the photo as you can see the dirt on the floor.

Blue is such a bright colour it shows power even though it is supposed to be a cool colour this looks so strong & mighty as it stands out like you would be able to see it from miles away.

This colour is not very exciting as it is brown-gray colour that makes you want to cry I took this photo as it is a texture as it shows the rough felling in the carpet.

I love this textured wallpaper as it is a really calm colour that helps to relax you when you look at it. You can tell that this wallpaper is smooth as when you look at the photo everything looks on one level meaning it is all smooth & you are able to rub your hand across it.

This is a great texture as it looks so rough as it is not on one level but it looks smooth as well, the colour is really nice as it is a nice dark bold colour. The photo looks really good with the whole photo being full & you can't see anything other than this.

This is a nice textured photo of the food on the plate & also the table that you can see on the one side this photo was taken with the macro shot on my Nikon D5000 camera I took it like that as it helps to make it look more closer to you in the photo & fill a lot of the photo as well. I included just the little bit of background which was the table which helped to show the bit of life & helped to make the photo look more interesting to the eye. Click here to see one of the photos that really inspired me to do texture photography of food. I felt once I saw this photo wow I love it & food really does have this unique kind of feel about it which makes for creative shots.

This is a great texture of the bean things as the colour is nice & pale making you feel calm I also took the photo with a macro shot on the camera so I could show a nice close up photo of the beans I also thought it was better to not include a background as it help so a real life situation in an interesting way.

Lettuce is a really good texture I really like the colour & shape this photo has come out really well as it is bright & stands out to my eyes. I took this with a macro shot which helps to show the real power of the texture of the lettuce that a normal shot or a further away shot wouldn't show.

Cornflakes are such a lovely colour of orange-yellow shades like stand out & when you look at this photo I get a rough like felling in my hands like I am rubbing my hand across the cornflakes. This was taken with a macro shot.

This texture I must say is not my favourite as the colour is so boring & not very eye catching which makes you feel sad to look at.

This is a really nice texture as it is like fire which makes your eyes burn & heat up I made sure it fitted the whole photo as it helped to show the real power of it.
This photo also shows how smooth the wood is as it is all on one level. Which is why I took the photo as it is very different to other woods.

I like this texture taken so it filled the photo & showed no background as it helps to show the real life situation the colour of the photo is great as it is calm & relaxing.

Roses make a great texture as they are such a textures flower I chose in this case to take a photo of a bunch of them as it creates like a pattern. The red shows a passion of love, they are also so bright & give a happy felling which is the reason I chose it.

This is a lovely patterned texture as you can see all the stitch lines which make it show the texture. I also love the colour of orange as it stands out to the eye.

The mud is a great texture you can also see all the rims.

The texture of this photo is rough as you can see all the twigs all over the place & they look like when you rub you hand over them you will feel the pricks on your hand.
The Photographer John Shaw has a textured photo click Here.

When I was looking on the web for textured Photographers I found Paul Scharff I became really amazed with the photos & the web page its self was really interesting so I really wanted to create some photos like his really thinking about the textures around me that I see everyday without even realizing it. Click Here.


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