Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Flowers & Leaves Nature

I love this shot as you are focused more on the one big flower (lily) but you are also looking at the ones surrounding the photo. A flower photographer is Click Here I really like his work he has some really creative photos on all sorts of topics but he really inspired me for my flower photography.

I like this shot of the shell taken as a macro shot. The dark background makes the light coloured shell stand out. I really like Macro shots as the whole photo becomes full & the big size makes the photo really creative. I like how the photo has come out showing the dark part for the inside of the shell, the part furthest away from us.

I love this macro shot of the shell as the colour has come out like a burnt old style, it is like this as it is an autumn leaf. I took the photo of the back of the leaf as the detail is so pure & powerful. The leaf kind of gives out an artistic effect like someone as put fine linner dots on top of a tea bag spread on the page.

This is a great macro shot of a rose I always think that pink is so beautiful as it makes you feel happy to look at it. The colours are just so pure & they all look so different as not any part of the rose is the same to any other part.

I like this shot of a dandelion as it is a macro shot & it looks really nice & stands out to your eye with it being against the black background, I chose the black as I thought that it would contrast really well with the dandelion as they are two different colours.

I love this macro shot of the dandelion as it looks so cute & fluffy. You just want to blow & watch it float into the sky.

This is a nice shot but I couldn't centure it very well because of the tractor in the background.
But I do like the way you can just look down a path of trees like this it has a feeling of tranquility.

This is a nice shot of the roses but it isn't the best as they look a bit boring & not all that much interesting but I included it to show a different setting for the roses.

This shot is of my mum & dad I took it at Powis castle I tried to centure the image & let in some of the background into the photo so I could tell a story. The house looks really nice as it is like a Tudor style property which looks lost in the background, but does fit in as it is just above my parents head but continues more past my mum. The lighting is really good as it was taken on a sunny day which you can tell by the shadows cast by my parents, The sun as well as the flash of the camera helps to show detail to my parents as it makes them stand out from the background.

I like this photo as you can see Powis Castle but you also have the waterfall included in the one corner of the photo. This photo shows a good focused shot as in the foreground we have the waterfall in the mid ground we have the greenery nature & background we have the Castle, all going on a bit of a slant from the left hand bottom corner to the top right hand corner.

I like this photo of the castle as well as it is seen in the background with the sky again, with the nature in the mid ground but we do have the big trees in the two bottom corners & they both look different as well which helps to show a nice style in the photo, I also like the hedge just behind them as well as you just see a bit of grass as well.

This is a nice photo of the waterfall centures well as in the background we have the two hedges that join together behind the waterfall. I also like the sky as it look so creative & goes really well with the waterfall as it looks so full of rain.

This sot is really well worked as the house looks really nice as it is a lovely colour bricked house. I also like the flowers that lead down the middle of the photo to the house as they help to show beauty in the photo bu also help to centure it as we have the grass the one side & teh house & the trees the other.

This photo is really pretty as the daisies look so nice as they fill the whole photo.

This is a nice shot of the flowers with the wall & hedge each side of it. With the sky being a great colour of the white.

This is like John Shaw when you are looking at flowers but looking kind of up towards the background area. Click Here
These flowers look really great as the white sky makes a great background for them making them stand out.

In a way I find this kind of Photography similar to John Shaw a Nature Photographer.

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  1. I really love the shell and the autumn leaf photos...beautiful! You and i take similar shots, i've loads of textures and flowers, too! I enjoy macro though, it gets folks to stop and notice the small things they overlook every day.