Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nikon D60 Fisheye Lens

I like this photo taken with a Fisheye lens it has become very dark around the window which makes the window stand out like a light is shinning in the picture & as it was a day of sunshine & showers you can just see the rainbow glowing its colours in the view, just disappearing through the clouds.

This photo is of the stairs I have taken a few photos of the stairs before but this time I have used the fisheye lens which makes the photo look really good as it distorts a bit, curving the picture out round the edges & making the stairs look really good.

This photo is another version of looking through the window but I don't feel that it looks as good as the colour hasn't come out as good but it still looks really good as this time I have made it so there are more windows in the photo I like how it curves on the window bars distorting the photo, you can also just see the rainbow in the photo as well in the one window. I also think the photo looks really nice with the clouds just disappearing to show blue sky.

This one of the corridor you can see that the photo has blurred a bit making it not as good as the others but it still looks alright as It shows a bit of a different effect.

This Photo of the corridor has also blurred a bit as the light wasn't the best as the corridor was full of light & where I was there was hardily any light.

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